French Bread

Our French bread is in the shape of the traditional round loaf  which is the predecessor to the Baguette. legend has it that a labor law prevented bakers from working before 4 am and forced bakers to mold the traditional round loaf to a small size which we now all know as the Beguette.   We hand mold the french bread with the larger amount of dough into a shorter but more rounder shame more like an ovel.  Because of the add amount of dough it takes longer for the bread to rise it gives dextrose longer to work  into the crust melts deeper into the bread which creates a very think and crispy crust. . Once the bread reaches its proper shape we then put it in our 40 year old oven  at 325 degrees and bake until the proper color and crust is uniformed on the bread. Each loaf cost 4.45 and is made daily. It is always best to place an order ahead of time

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