Cookie ATM

We are so excited to share with you our Cookie ATM machine.  You can now come by the bakery 24/7 and pick up your favorite baked goods.

The inspiration behind buying the Cookie ATM Machine:

We have a lot of customers that travel the country and we are the last destination on their list before the head home or maybe they have a early morning flight and we don’t open until 7am. The other scenario  is our local customers who forget that we are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. This was our solution to balancing work life and the joys of our customers loving our product. With the Cookie ATM machine we are able to enjoy time off while making sure our customers are able to enjoy our fresh baked goods any time they get a chance to come by the bakery.

Click the following link to see what the current inventory is.  The link allows you to see what is in the cookie machine but does not allow you to reserve items ahead of time. You have to be physically present to make Cookie ATM purchases.


How to use the Cookie ATM.

Step 1 Choose the item you want. The screen one gigantic touch screen and the shopping process is based on the shopping cart system. You press the cart button/product image and the item is added to your shopping cart. The shopping cart icon is located in the upper right.  You can purchase multiple items at a time by adding them to your shopping cart.

Cookie ATM Machine Menu

Step 2 Now it’s time to check out. Our Cookie ATM machine is a cashless system, the credit card reader is located on the right hand side it support touchless, chip and swipe.  When the credit card reader successfully  reads the credit card.The Machine will verbally say authorizing as well as it will display on the credit card reader screen “authorizing”.

Cookie Atm credit Card Reader

Touch less? Make sure all 4 Green lights on the credit card reader light up before you remove the credit card from the machine


Step3 The machine will now collect each item you purchased one at a time. The robot in the machine will search for your item and bring it down to the bottom of the machine insuring that your item won’t break on the way down to the Blue door.  The blue door will automatically open when the item has arrived. It is important to look to the left and right of the Blue door when the door opens as the cookies, pastries or bread can be “hidden” at the edges. Once you grab your item the robot in the machine will search for the next item and repeat the process until your order is complete. Once the order is complete you will hear the words “Thank you”

Click on the following link to see the process in action.

If you have any issue with the machine please email me at

Extra, Extra read all about it!

Top 23 Reasons to visit Albuqurque number 18, The CookieATM!

VisitABQ CookieATM

To satisfy your late night sweets craving, check out the new cookie ATM at Golden Crown Panaderia. Purchase biscochitos, New Mexico chile bread or empanadas at any time of day.

Click the following link to read the whole story.

We made the evening news for our cookie ATM Machine check out this following Youtube link.

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