Old world Style Italian bread

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Old world Style Italian bread

Our Old world Style Italian bread was made famous by a small Italian restaurant in the old town area called Smirolls International Cuisine.  Our Old world style Italian bread keeps up with tradition of what makes Italian food spectacular by using the right spices to pear with your food. After we take care hand molding the old world style Italian bread into the Artisan shape we add Sesame seed to the top of the bread. Sesame seed is one of the oldest spices know to man. Was very popular spice to trade from India to Europe. Italian chefs add sesame seed to many recipes for the rich nutty flavor or to garnish foods. It became  very popular when Bakers started to add it to different bread and pastries recipes, such as sesame seed Italian cookies. It became the spice of choice with breads because they have the ability to adhere  better to Artisan and flat breads. Once the bread rises its proper shape we then put it in our 40 year old oven  at 325 degrees and bake until the proper color and crust is uniformed on the bread. during the baking process the sesame seeds are roasted and the oils from the seed penetrates the crust of the bread giving a wonderful nutty flavor to the bread.  It is always best to place an order ahead of time.

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  1. 11-20-2017

    Do you carry regular dinner rolls that are made in nut free environment?

    • 1-1-2020

      We do not.

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