Wine from a stainless steel keg?
How ridiculous or how ridiculously good?!

Remember, stainless steel containers are not new in winemaking – if it ain’t aged in oak, then it’s been finished in a stainless steel tank. Of course, we’re just taking that a bit further and bringing the stainless steel to the bar or restaurant.

You like it fresh, right?

There is nothing worse than getting a glass of wine at a bar and taking that first sip to discover it has been sitting open for who knows how long. With keg wine, each glass is as fresh as the last – there’s no half bottles tragically being poured down the sink and no oxidized wine. In other words, it’s good ‘til the last drop.

Our environmental concerns.

We keep harping on about it, but one keg means 26 bottles were not harmed in the consumption: No corks or seals displaced. No trash trucks overloaded with cardboard and glass only to be driven to a facility where they may or may not be recycled.

So 26 bottles per keg doesn’t seem that detrimental, right?

Well, do the math. Since 2010 our kegs have reduced glass production by 120,000 bottles, which means 10,000 cardboard boxes would have been supplied, which would have been made and shipped to Denver on a 100 wooden pallets in a multitude of delivery trucks. Between kegs and canned wine, we expect to keep enough bottles to fill a Boeing 777 out of the landfill or recycling bins in the next two years alone!

We’re just doing our part to keep it green.
In other words, tap that wine and drink up! It’s good for you and the environment!

Wine List

The Blind Watchmaker Red
A crowd pleaser in so many ways. Full bodied with big rounded tannins combined with plenty of fruity notes, this wine is both a ‘stand-alone’ or ‘pair with anything’ rockstar. The nose offers a lot of crushed berries, with undertones of green tea. Definitely an anytime blend for any occasion.
Cabernet France Red
One look does not set you up for what’s to come! Light in color but not in depth. Cassis and sweet tobacco strike the nose as raspberry and violet fill your palate. But wait, just as you think this wine is about to fade, the distinct Poblano pepper spice starts to sneak up on you! Pairs well with: Chicken Marsala, curried pumpkin soup, pizza, or just some black olives!
Diseno Malbec Red
Colorado provides the altitude and warmth that have become synonymous with great Malbec. Deep and rich in color, earthy with some raisin on the nose, yet the palate that’s filled with black cherry, cocoa, and dried fig. The tannins on the finish make it easy to pair alongside braised meats or gourmet sausages, giving the wine an almost gamey note.
Sparkling Moscato Red
Fragrant dried fruit and floral notes. Palate explodes with ripe apricot, grapefruit and honeysuckle. Finishes softly, lingering with a touch of residual sugar.
Mark West Pinot Noir White
A pleasing mix of black cherry, cola, strawberry, plum, and soft tannins.
ONEHOPE California Chardonnay White
WINEMAKER ROB MONDAVI JR. – ONEHOPE California Chardonnay is hand-crafted with a blend of grapes from select vineyards throughout Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast of California. Our Chardonnay is blended with Muscat and Chenin Blanc displaying a pale gold color with aromas of fresh apple blossom and honeysuckle. Flavors of crisp pear and apple are vibrant on the palate, while its balanced oak and bright acidity makes this wine a great match with broiled or grilled seafood, poultry dishes and a wide assortment of cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc White
Grapes were selected from a wide variety of our Wairau and Awatere vineyards in Marlborough to ensure a complex and harmonious flavour profile.
The grapes were harvested at night, when the temperatures are cool, to preserve the vibrant fruit flavours and pressed immediately with minimal skin contact into stainless steel tanks. Fermentations were carried out at cool temperatures to retain the fresh fruit flavours. Each vineyard block was kept separate throughout the various stages of the winemaking process, allowing different parcels to blend into the Nobilo signature style that’s consistent year-on-year.
King Estate Pinot Gris White
One of America’s finest white wines, our Domaine Pinot Gris is 100% steel tank fermented and sur lie aged for an extended period of time. The 2014 Domaine Pinot Gris’ entry is filling, soft, supple and round. The mid-palate is fruit forward and juicy with a nice, balanced acidity carrying the wine through its’ ample and lengthy finish.

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