To all our GCP fans,

If you have ever met my father, he always says if there is a will there is a way. By the way the man is still very active in the bakery and is still a tank. If you have met him, you know what I mean.  Covid-19 is not the worst thing that has happened to us. We have taken this time to hunker down and figure out our new path, How we are going to take this small neighborhood bakery to the next phase now that we are facing the covid life.

We want to announce we are going to be moving from one point of sale system to another point of sale system. This change will create a better customer experience and make our team happier.  This move will be one of the first steps for us to reopen our patio. Make it safe for you and our employees. This will take our perks club and turn it on fire.   But for us to make this change we must close down the bakery on Aug 19th to do a lot of data entry and reorganizing of the bakery, most of which you won’t notice when we reopen.  Once this project is complete, we will be making a slow transition to the new point of sale system to make sure there are no major issue as we make this change. We want this experience to be the best for all of us.

This change is huge! Just to give you an idea we have already spent 15k on this new system. and have another 5k worth of equipment to buy.  Now that’s a lot of cookies. We say this because we want to show you how much we are committed to you. We are committed to you having the same amazing experience you have had with us before covid happened since life is a little different now,  We want to have the same kind of personal experience just a little bit different. You have supported us through this covid change in a big way. We never had to lay anyone off thanks to you, and to be honest some nights we were not able to provide the best service and you have been very understanding.   We believe that this new system will fix those kinds of issues forever and make life better for all of us.  We will get to stop trouble shooting computers and focus on making the best food in the country.

I will keep you updated as the changes happen and what we need from you to make this transition happen smoothly.

We will be having our own app, a real app that is not shared with other companies. We will let you know when you can download it. because the first thing we are going to do is give away a few six-foot subs to the winners of our first game that will only be available in the app.

We will let perks club member know when they can start using the patio via our new app.





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