Cinnamon Pecan Honey Whole Wheat

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Cinnamon Pecan Honey Whole Wheat

Our Cinnamon Pecan Honey Whole Wheat bread (not Sweet) is a made with stone ground whole wheat which is entirely milled from a whole wheat germ.  We do not used granulated sugar with this bread but instead use a very dark and rich Honey called bakers honey. We also add a Little bit of molasses to add flavor and to make the bread a little bit on the moist side. the dark rich brown interior of this dense and hearty bread arises naturally from the presence of freshly-chopped pecans and cinnamon.

Pair with Sonoma Jack Blue Jack cheese or Marin French Brie for an easy crowd pleasing appetizer!

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  1. 4-11-2017

    This bread is so wonderful.. Toast it and add cream cheese for a real treat!

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